Sunday, 10 June 2012

Borden's Butterdish car #1025

Additional Information...
Dean Splittgerber has pass along a little extra information regarding the Borden's chemical butterdish car in my last post and what he knows about Borden's chemical division in that area. Dean identified the brick work found behind  Borden's butterdish car #1025 to be that of the Borden's plant at Bainbridge, NY. This building still survives today. The plant was shut down around 2006 when some production was moved overseas. This Borden's brick three story building can be seen from I-88...thank Dean.

Borden's Elmer's Glue
Elmer's glue was invented in 1942 by Ashworth Stull, a Georgia Tech chemistry graduate. He sold his company to Borden's during the mid-1950's. During this time Borden's had excess milk cars on hand which became the base for the company's chemical car fleet. Borden's did introduced the first consumer white glue in 1947 under the trade name Cascorez Glue. Later on it was renamed Elmer's Glue-All.  In 1951 Borden's company decided to use the name Elmer for its glues and chemical division, which would be the spouse of Borden's famed corporate symbol, Elsie the cow of its dairy division. At that point Borden's glue sales took off.

The Borden's Chemical Division plant in Bainbridge, NY was purchased in 1929 during a corporate buying spree. At the time it was called Casein Company of America, a small company which manufactured a cold water soluble water resistant adhesive from casein. Casein is a byproduct of skim milk.

Elmer's became an independently company around 1999. The company was acquired in 2003 by Brewind  Corporation a investment firm.It was recently reported that Elmer's glue is the number one selling glue in America...George Dutka

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