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Waterbury, Vermont - CV Freight House

The old CV frt. house looking north in Oct. 2011. The back two level portion is the original building.
Central Vermont Ry. Frt. House
Waterbury, Vermont
 Re-post from April 2012

 Last fall I stopped by Waterbury, Vermont to take a few more photos of the ex-CV frt. house and also to measure what I could. In Vol. 19, No. 1 of the CVRHS Ambassador, my article was published on this building. As the building is slated for demolition I wanted to gather some extra data before it was gone. Waterbury is a location I always liked to visit and the station area does have a lot of character. An overall view of the frt. house can be seen above.

The Central Vermont  2 and 1/2 storey portion of the frt. house is believed to be the oldest railroad building in town dating back to 1850. The frt. house seen in the photos is actually two separate building. The original frt. house is the two and one half storey structure. A new single floor building was added later on. The two structures are actually not attached. There is 5-8" gap between the two. I took a look between the buildings and could see windows in the gap on the older building. The two buildings are linked by a doorway and covered walkway near the middle. The original building is in very poor condition but the newer building appears to be in better shape.

The structure has some bows and twists that may vary the dimensions by a little but the following are what I measured. The old frt. house has a peak height of 34'6" and the walls are 23'6" tall. It is 80' long with a width of 34'7". The newer one floor building has a wall height of 15'4 and a peak height of 26'3". It is 30'6" wide and 100'5" long. The siding is mostly 4" boards. Many of the windows are 36" by 66"...George Dutka
The original two and one half storey CV frt. house. Oct. 2011

The track side portion of the frt. house views a couple of the loading doors. A siding was still next to this building not that long ago.

An overall view of the south and east side of the frt. house.

The stone footings are seen under the south end of the older portion of the CV frt. house.

The gap between the to section of the frt. house
One of the loading platforms.


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  1. George, Am in the process of finishing my version of the CV Waterbury freight house, wish I had those road side photos before I built mine. I was using photos from the Ambassador. I painted the structure oxide reddish with gray trim. I saw this color combination on a few other structures so I decided so I decided to paint it in this version. the last time I saw the structure there wasn't any paint left on it ! Keep doing what you're doing. JOHN