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CPR International of Maine 60' boxcar

  A 60' Boxcar
CPR International of Maine
Re-post from May 2012   
Sometimes you have a piece of rolling stock that just hangs around so long you forgot why you actually have it. Well mine is a Robin's Rail CPR 60' boxcar that has been sitting on top of my print box along with a few prototype photos I took to help with the details. I am thinking it has been sitting there for a decade along with a BAR 40' reefer. I was wrong, seems I took the photos to work with in 1989 and 1990...boy does time fly...22 years. Over the years these two models became my parts sources of trucks, couplers, and mounting screws. This past modellers season I finally decided to do something with these two cars. The BAR car I will cover in another post. I had just purchased 8 Bragdon weathering colours that I first tried on my D&H cement car. I thought this larger car side surface could be great for experimenting on. If I mess it up it could be repainted or finally retired. 

This car does not fit my 1950's era modelling but I do enjoy the other era's. I have enough equipment to run at least one or two trains from the 1960's and 1970's. I don't plan to build much more for what I call the modern era (anything after 1960)...but I do like to dabble with these era's.

All my car needed to be finished was Kadee couplers and a set of trucks. Once added I gave the entire car a coat of Floquil flat finish. When it was almost dry I began with the Bragdon powders. The underside and trucks got some of the rust colours brushed on. I like the look of Light Rust on the couplers which needs very little. I then moved to the roof then the ends and finally the sides. On the roof I began with Dark Rust followed by Soot, Ash and Medium Rust. I blended it together using my wider brush.  I used the same weathering powders on the ends but less of it. On the sides I began by streaking some Soot and Light Rust on followed with Ash over the lettering streaking it down below. I randomly added some Dark Rust. To get a better blend I used my finger to mix the powders together starting from the roof working down to the bottom of the car. This was done mainly over the lettering.

I think the car turned out great and it became a great working surface to play with my chalks...I think I will keep this one...George Dutka

The CPR 60' boxcar spent many years sitting on top of my photo box before I got around to it.

The CPR International of Maine 60' boxcar is seen with couplers added but awaiting trucks and weathering. The prototype photo are handy for weathering and checking details.

The weathering is well under way. I tried all my weathering colours on this project and have found a few favourites.

CPR yard London, Ontario June 1989

CPR yard London, Ontario June 1989. The Canadian Pacific and International of Maine is starting to reappear through the paint.


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