Tuesday, 20 November 2012

CV Station - Middlesex, Vermont

The old CV station as it looks in Sept 2012. Note the window is out in the operators bay. There are a few other spots opened to the weather. Hopefully these will be closed off to protect the interior.
Central Vermont Ry. Station
Middlesex, Vermont

A postcard view of CV Middlesex, Vermont station.

I stopped by the ex-Central Vermont station in Middlesex, mile 81.1 Roxbury Sub. during Sept. 2012. It is located 4.8 miles south of Waterbury, Vermont and 4.7 miles north of Montpelier Jct which locates it midway between the two stations. I found the station still standing but beginning to deteriorate. It has been more than 10 years since my last visit here. For a 92 year old wooden building it is actually still in good shape. The main thing is the roof remains in good repair which is keeping the weather out.

This CV station is the second depot built in Middlesex. The first was built in 1877 but was destroyed by fire in 1917. The current station was erected in 1919 and was closed in 1958. In the 1950's Middlesex had a 61 car siding with secondary track capacity of 12 cars. I looked in a late 1960's CV timetable which does not indicate a designated siding any more for meets although it notes total secondary trackage capacity to be 73 cars. Today there is no trackage other than the NECR main line through town...George Dutka

Looking across the tracks from the cemetery viewing the south and east side of the station.
A roadside view of the station.
I took this photo through the broken window looking at the opposite wall of the operators bay.
I also shot a view of the room to the south of the operators office.


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