Thursday, 8 November 2012

White River Division Layout - Scenery Base Colour

Base Ground Colour
on the White River Division

Recently I had a conversation about base colours for scenery. The colour one puts on before the ground foam and dirt. I have used a few base colours over the year that either are miss-tints purchased really cheap or left over house project paint. All are flat latex. My thought is one can use a range of colours that resembles a dirty muddy mix. One need not agonise over the exact colour since a good amount of it will be hidden by ground cover anyway. On my layout there is two different colours used as a base coat and I could not tell you were one ends and the other begins.

My current base coat mix for dioramas and renovations to the White River Division is our living room - dining room colour. Hard to believe the colour choice my wife made also works for the layout...I will not tell her that. This paint is a Benjamin Moore paint and colour, HC-77 Alexandria Beige in Ulti-Matte finish...George Dutka

One can see the colour I am currently using from the side of the can.

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