Sunday, 18 November 2012

S-4 stack cover

Engine 104 has been secured for the night. Now the engineman applies the exhaust stack cover.
 Capping the stack

While at White River Jct. Glory Days back in September I watched as the Claremont Concord S-4 was spotted for the night in WRJ. It was also going to be on display for the next days events. What surprised me was the engineman climbing up on the top of the engine body, picking up a cylinder and capping the exhaust stack. I had not even noticed the cover on the roof while he was switching. If one was to model this engine, this detail would be a nice addition...George Dutka

The exhaust stack cover rests on the roof of the engine while switching at White River Junction, Vermont. The engine has just been parked and the exhaust stack will be covered shortly.

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