Saturday, 10 November 2012

Modeling a Corn Field

Ross Oddi's 1949 era layout included a nice farm scene. This is a narrow area that looks much larger than it actually is. The barn was just painted on the backdrop.

Ross Oddi's
Corn Field
One stop on the Hamilton Layout tour was at Ross Odd's home in Beamsville, Ont. A scene that caught my eye was a small corn field. I asked Ross about his field. The corn stalks are by Busch #189-1202 which he twisted to random shapes then dipped the tassel's in the flocking that is included. He mentioned using a number of packages. There are a good amount of corn stocks in each package. The background barn Ross hand painted which I thought he did a great job of. The ploughed field is cardboard which has been pulled apart and the inside ribbing used. The ground cover is dirt and dried out tea...George Dutka

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  1. Nicely done! A vast improvement on the corn field demonstrated in "Great Model Railroads 2012," but then a great deal more effort invested I suspect.