Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Lex Parker's On3 Layout

A D&RGW On3 Layout

HOMES Layout Tour...by Don Janes  
A D&RGW 2-8-2 makes its way over a wooden trestle giving the crew a great view of the water falls below...all photos by Don Janes

     One of the highlights for me on the Nov. 3, HOMES layout tour was visiting Lex Parker's fabulous D&RGW On3 layout. His layout focusing on the Chama, New Mexico area.  Lex lives in Beamsville, ON and his 18' x 35' layout is located in a very neat, nicely finished and well lit basement.  The layout is free standing in the middle of the room. As one enters there are several operators running trains around the layout at slow prototypical speeds.  They were very friendly and when asked, would stop the train so one could take photos.
     My first impression was WOW!!!  The trains and scenery were absolutely beautiful and what really caught my eye was Lex's hand painted backdrop representing the Rockies.  Having just visited New Mexico and riding the the Durango & Silverton RR (ex D&RGW line) in Durango, Colorado in April I can say he captured the scenes perfectly. The way Lex has built the layout and painted the backdrop I felt like I was really standing along the tracks looking at the railroad with the Rockies and blue sky in the background.  Simply stunning.  If you are planning on attending next years HOMES layout tour and Lex's layout is open make sure you put it at the top of your list of layouts to visit.

#486 is making a quick water stop at Chama,NM as # 461 waits for her next assignment.  Below #486 won't need water at this remote tank amongst the Pines and Aspens.

The dramatic backdrop in this scene makes one feel they are standing right beside the tracks and smelling the oil and coal smoke

As their caboose crosses a wooden trestle, the crew is getting a great view of the mountains in the distance

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