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Modeling Work Service Flat Cars

On a short CV freight my work flat heads to Bellows Crossing on the White River Division.
 Converting Flat Cars to Work Service

This project came about after visiting the Crow River Products Crow River Products Model Building Supplies booth at this years Model Railroad Expo. I purchased a cast metal  lift magnet and a clam shell bucket. I thought these would look great loaded on a flat car. At that time I was not sure which car they would be used on but I did remember seeing a CV flat which came from the CNR and placed in work service. I had an old Athearn flat (from my childhood collection of the early 1960's) that resembled this car and the project began. I called Peter Mumby and asked him if he was interested in building a work car load as I had an extra magnet and detail parts. He had a TH&B flat that could be converted to work service and would work well with a TH&B crane he is also working on.

My flat car as it looked before the project began. This car dates back to my childhood railroading.
Some of the details that are to be added to Peter's and my flats. I decided to add a wooden deck over the plastic deck. The wooden sides are yet to be added to hold the load on the car.
CV #4287
The Athearn car was originally outfitted with a air plane with folding wings. I removed all this off the decking plus the hand brake, stirrups and grabs.  I added a new wooden deck using Mt. Albert wood strips right over the old decking. Kadee true scale #58 couplers, Tichy wire grabs, Tichy stirrups and a Tichy brake wheel and wire rod are added. I also added a bent wire bleed rod and Details Associate #6215 cut lever. The planking around the deck is done with Mt. Albert 3 by 12's left from my tunnel portal project. This was already stained and weathered and only needed to be cut to lenght. The side pocket supports are scrap 2 by 6's.

The car was painted boxcar red and CV Champ HB-361 decals are added for the lettering and some data. The rest of the data was found on XD-637 Walthers data sheet. The decking is stained with Hunterline weathering mix. Once dry Floquil grime, pine stain and roof brown was washed over the planks then covered with weathering powder.

The magnet is seen still in the bag along with a primed bucket ready for weathering. A CNR prototype photo of a 52' flat loaded with work equipment including a couple of shell buckets. This photo was great inspiration for my project. Note not all pockets need stakes.

The CV Load
For the load I used the Crow River  Products magnet and Hayward clam shell bucket as the main features. I also added a piece of weathered rail and beat up wooden boards and blocking. Some fine wire was coiled to resemble cables that would be laying around the car. Metal castings of a pail, shovel, barrel, wrench, BEST models wire reels and  a shovel are also added. I added a few Juneco track bumpers to one end along with some wire rods. Everything is given a heavy dose of weathering powder for the well used look.

My CV flat is loaded with all the kinds of things used by track crews.

TH&B Flat car
Peter had a Proto 2000, 52' flat car that he decided to put in work service. Since Peter's car was finished he just added some of my stake material in the pockets and the 3 by 12's sides from my portal project. Since his car is longer he had more room for details. He added 3 or 4 more pieces of rail than I did, wire coils, some wooden bracing, a magnet, a few Juneco rail bumpers and a BEST models wire reel. Peter did not have a clam shell bucket at the moment, but used mine for the proper spacing so one can be added at a future date and for this photo.

Peter's finished TH&B work car.

Rutland Ry X578
Many years ago I built a Rutland Ry. work flat car with wooden sides and a small load of rail following photos I took at the time. This is a F&C Rutland Ry. flat car kit that came in two packs back in the late 1980's or early 1990's. I am not sure if it is currently available. I had seen the X578 in Bellows Falls, Vermont yard may times in the 1980's and took a group of detailed photos and measurements. Since I was on a roll I decided to update my finished model by adding some more details and weathering powders. I added wire coiled as cables, Juneco rail bumpers, a larger rail bumper, pail, shovel, barrel, steel rods and old crossing sign. These additions really added to the finished appearance of the model...George Dutka

My F&C model built in the early 1990's has additional details included to what once was only a load of rail.

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