Saturday, 1 February 2014

Chester, Mass.

This is what one sees as you arrive at Chester, Mass. station.
I thought I would share some photos I took this fall while visiting Chester, Mass., a former B&A helper station. Although the museum was closed Don and I got a few nice shots with the sun coming out before we were finished. The link to the Chester Railway Station is Welcome to the Chester Railway Station
enjoy....George Dutka

The main line underpass next to the station.
An end view of the Chester station which is in very good shape.
Although the caboose is lettered NYC it actually is ex-Rutland #32. One can rent it for a nights stay for $60 or $100 for two nights. Kind of a neat idea in good weather.
A nice looking paint job on a vintage tank car. UTLX 64895

The coal tower and roundhouse can be seen together at least during this time of year.
The Chester roundhouse appears in not bad shape till you look in the door and see missing wall sections and most of the roof.
Two vintage B&M boxcars are seen next to the station. They spent many years prior to arrival here as storage cars.

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  1. Just a few miles up the road from Chester there is also a marvelous hike that will take you up along the original Western Railroad grade and over a series of stone arch bridges. These bridges are of dry stone construction and are 184 years old and are solid and beautiful. They are part of the first complete long distance railroad i the world built by Whistler's Father. Good complete website is

    Maynard Stowe