Thursday, 22 May 2014

Along the Central Vermont No. 2....Cooley-Wright Foundry Part 2

Looking north along the NECR in Waterbury, Vermont. This once was the Rock of Ages structure.
A Second Look
This is the second "Along the Central Vermont" found in this blog...last one was some time ago covering a structure in Randolph, Vt. I decided to use some of my additional view of the Cooley-Wright foundry as a second look. If you are thinking of modeling this structure they might come in handy....hope I can run this feature every few months till fall then monthly...George Dutka

Note the silver circle near the eaves to the left of the metered hydro stack. This is an old style fire bell. When the sprinkles are operating the water also run through this unit sounding the bell mechanism found inside. It operates on the water pressure.
The tar paper siding is near the end of its life. the window trim was once painted a dark red.
Looking south towards the station. One can see the station off in the distance. The tracks are to the left of the photo.

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