Sunday, 18 May 2014

Getting started - R J Elwell General Store

The wall sections are going together well and I will soon be able to use the model to layout it's new site location on the White River Division.
I began working on the basic construction of the BEST R. J. Elwell general store. I don't plan on getting to far on it till next fall when I begin modeling once again, but I wanted to see if it would fit at the location I planned to use I had to put together the basic walls. The building has a double wall construction which makes the structure very sturdy without bracing. This structure's wall went together extremely well. I did struggle with the frt. house as it did not seem to line up correctly. I was really happy to see there are no problems with this one...George Dutka 

I have glued the double walls together using canopy cement. I then added a bit of weight to make sure the two bond together.
An overhead view of the wall sections glued together and squared up.


  1. George, what are the overall dimensions of the building? (I'm too lazy t dig mine out and check the label!

  2. The main building is 4" front by 3 1/4" deep, the post office add on is 2 3/8" front by 2 5/8" deep...the front wall then would be 6 3/8" across....George