Sunday, 11 May 2014

Trio of Steel Roofwalks

The three metal roofwalks I have on hand for future boxcar upgrades. The boxcar in the background has a Tichy roofwalk added.
I purchase three different types of metal roof walks to try on my boxcar upgrades. At the moment Peter Mumby and I are working on a few double door boxcars. This project started with a group of shells that Peter acquired some decades ago. We decided to see what we can come up with using all our spare detail parts. One detail I did not have on hand are roofwalks. I decided to pick up three different makes and see what looked the best. At the low end the Tichy three pack might be the best bet. The Kadee two pack is in the middle and might be the best looking of the group. The Plano stainless steel single pack is the highest price but still under $5.00...will let you know how we made out once I have tried all three out...George Dutka

During my recent upgrade of this old Bachmann 40' boxcar I originally built back in the 1980's, I added a Tichy steel roofwalk.

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  1. I'll be watching to see how these turn out, thanks for doing the hard work for me :)