Saturday, 3 May 2014

BarMills Models - Insta Fence

One length of fencing was enough for me to build the two lengths of fence I needed. The fence is seen to the left. The signs included are seen on the package signage.
Lately I  like trying different product offered as simple builds. One such is BarMills Insta-Fence. I picked up a package a couple of weeks ago. All my fences to date I have scratch built for a fraction of the cost, but this purchase gave me some quick fences without the trouble of picking up more strip wood. BarMills has a video on their web side that one can watch before proceeding. I did watch it for more inspiration.The package has four lengths of fencing plus all the supports needed. There are some signs one can add. They also make the fencing in other scales...check their web site. The longer fence was painted Floquil grime then dry brushed reefer white. I added some Bragdon powders to dirty it up a bit. The short fence got Hunterline stain then darker Bragdon powders for a unpainted weathered fence. This was a very simple project that was done in no time at all...George Dutka

I added the longer portion of the fencing behind my section house in Westboro. I added two signs plus some details up against it.
The leftover length was added next to my WRJ CV section house. It actually is right at the edge of the layout...were the duck-under section once resided.

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