Friday, 16 May 2014

Cooley-Wright Foundry Building - Waterbury, Vt.

A 2012 trackside view of the old Cooley-Wright foundry. This was once the Rock of Ages structure that had the name added to the there is newer roofing applied.
While visiting Waterbury during the fall of 2012 I took a good group of photos of many of the trackside buildings found around town. It was a gloomy afternoon with a few showers from time to time. The overcast conditions worked well for getting photos of the structures from all sides.

 A few weeks ago Marty McGuirk mentioned the location of the old Rock of Ages, later Cooley-Wright foundry in his blog reminding me of my visit to this site. I had also visited here a decade ago and not much has changed. I always thought the weathered steel clad portion of the structure would make a neat model....I think that is why I took my photos. Here are the photos I took...George Dutka

Marty McGuirk collection
Roadside view looking south. Most of the building has newer steel roofing. The walls on this end and side are still tarpaper siding. Some of the south wall and trackside sections have aluminum siding in tan and green.

I really like the looks of the part of the structure. I may add this to my layout at some point.
Looking north along the NECR.
This is the roadside view looking north.  One can see some of the old and new siding.
This is the north side of the building. The tracks are up above the retaining wall on the left side of the photos.

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