Friday, 9 May 2014

Snapshot - May 2014

A PanAm train is just about to emerge from the Hoosic east end portal during November 2013. I took this digital image just as the headlight is about to come into view lighting up the whole entrance.

Sometimes the more interesting image of a moving object is not the one you are expecting to take, it is the the before or after views. It catches that moment of excitement one these cases the train is about to arrive. Today with digital phototography one can shoot off a few practice images. In the days I took slides I really had to select when I tried such a view. Anyhow here are two digital and one from a slide...enjoy...George Dutka

I was waiting at the White River Junction, Vermont station as the Southbound Montrealer #61 arrived in town on Sept 28, 1992. My camera is set up on a tripod which I aimed towards the Twin State Fruit building. I began the image as the gates came down, hence the streak. The engine headlight casts a  light up on the fruit company on a misty evening. Since I do not have a slide scanner that works, I copied this photo by viewing my slide on a movie screen then taking a digital shot of the screen. It seemed to work but the original slide does look much more impressive with more depth of colour and contrast... but what I want to show you is one can have some fun prior to the main event.

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