Sunday, 4 May 2014

Utility Trailer - Sylvan Scale Models

This is all there is to this nice little kit...three pieces and a photo.

If one was to build a vehicle and wanted it to be very simple to construct, one should try Sylvan's old pickup truck box converted to a utility trailer. The model is made up of three parts. Two tires and the body. There is some flashing which cleans up very easy with a hobby knife and sandpaper. I had it ready for paint in about 10 minutes. I painted all the parts caboose could use any red spray bomb for this. I then touched up the tires with weathered black and gave the hub caps and hitch a touch of old silver. All the paints I used are Floquil. A light dusting of Bragdon powder in the box was also added. The wheels are glued on with Walthers Goo. I added a propane tank and a few boxes for a load. The whole project can be done in less than an hour yielding an interesting addition to a garage scene...think I might build another one and add it behind one of my pickup trucks...George Dutka

My finished model is ready to be added to anywhere I need some additional interest....or a load moved.

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