Friday, 29 May 2015

A Little Barn

My finished small barn or shed almost ready for a new home on the White River Division
Last month I picked up this small barn at our local flea market. Not sure what make it is, but it was a brightly coloured plastic model that I got for a couple of bucks. The vendor had about a dozen of them and they were all in with his N scale built up structures. To me it looked too big for N scale and too small for HO but I got it anyhow.

The walls are painted. I decided to add a door track and some hinges at that point. The whole project took only a portion of a morning to complete.
  Once home I took a few measurements and decided it could work as a small HO scale barn or shed. It came with about half a tub of glue all over the joints and sides...guess someone did not want it to come apart. I painted the roof Floquil Jade and the walls Tuscan red. The only addition was a door track and hinges. I used Bragdon powders to weather and dull it up a bit but it was not sticking well to the roof. I tried a few more shades of rust and brown but I think I will have to airbrush some additional weathering over the mix...that will make an interesting mess. Some PanPastel white is brushed over the walls and roofing. I added big signs to the ends to hide the glue that missed the joints. I also added a few smaller signs to the front and back. I think it turned out pretty good...other than I will have to work on the steel style roofing. I am thinking of adding a wall stack and put it to work as a shop outbuilding...George Dutka

These signs added are copies from my Bar Mills kits. I weathered them up a lot.
I did not seem to be able to get the rust powders to stick as well as I would like. Since it is metal roofing it will get a n airbrushing of rust shortly. The Cockshutt spreader sign is a local Ontario product.

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