Saturday, 2 May 2015

Spring Update

Westboro got a small extension. There will be a few structures including Don Janes B&M ex-roundhouse.
With the good weather now here my layout has been cleared off of rolling stock and modeling is done till the fall. I have a cabinet that holds my fleet which helps keeping the dust off during the down time. Posts during April was 36, a record for me thanks to Peter and Don's support. I still have a small backlog of posts and a lot of material still to cover during the summer. For the spring and summer I will be cutting back to 2 or 3 posts a week maximum...there could be more but I need a number that I can commit to.

At home we now only have one computer, the second crashed this winter. When at the lake I may not always have access to a computer or internet signal. There could be full weeks of no posts...sorry. Blame it on my wife's need for Facebook and not wanting to spending most of summer at the lake. It is nice to have a hobby break and maybe do just armchair modeling while planning for the fall modeling session. Although it is just spring it will not be long before I begin looking forward to the fall as I have already added the framework for the Westboro engine house extension. The main frame is coming together well for the Bellows Falls yard and Peter and I will also begin our N scale modules...stay tuned...George Dutka

Half inch plywood base is set in place.
Don recently found the base for his old roundhouse. I now have to cut it in.
The base is cut in, some cork roadbed is added and most of the cardboard is set in place waiting for the plaster cloth to be added next fall. I also have cut the Masonite face board to its final last push at modeling before the break.

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