Friday, 8 May 2015

CNR Tid-Bits

This weeks Wordless Wednesday is of a CNR stencil used at the Winnipeg shops back in the 1980's. The view is a copy of a slide taken by Bob Hannah.

CN Train #221
Here is a little more information about the view of Train #221 seen a couple of months ago on this blog. I talked to my father in law, Jake Milette about the train. Back then he was the area Master Mechanic (in charge of CNR engineman in South Western Ontario) and still has his record books. He had to log all trips taken, engineman, engines, train lengths and so on. Back then he was on the first few runs of the train. It was called The Super Train and the CNR made up stickers for publicity. If I can dig one up I will post it.The first run of train #221 was April 2, 1976 with engines 9573-9630-9435 with Jack Powell as engineman. Jake rode the train again on April 6, 1976 with engines 9529-9526-5609 with Bill Lewis as engineman. Jake noted he rode #221 with only one engine 9579 on April 13, 1976. That day the train had 72 cars, including 10 empties with engineman Norm Seabrook. The train would be OK from Windsor to London as the track is fairly flat. For sure the train would have had additional engines added no later than Aldershot to make the grades to Toronto. Guess Jake was off the train before the engines are added since he never noted any...George Dutka

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