Thursday, 21 May 2015

Ontario Southland Ry - Yesterday

 A pair of ex-CNR FP9's approach this neat photo location in Beachville, Ont. Ontario Southland Ry. lead engine no. 1400 was built in 1958 and trailing 6508 was built in 1954. When is the last time you have seen two vintage engines like these in regular freight service...good reason to pick up some CNR F's models for your layout.
Yesterday Don Janes and I visited our friend Gary Pembleton who lives in Ingersoll. Gary had major surgery a few weeks ago and is in recovery mode. This was a chance for him to get out for a few hours on a road trip. With the Ontario Southland Ry. near by we decided to check out what was going on. We got lucky with two FP9's leading a train arriving in town. Gary told us that this is the Woodstock turn job. We followed it over to Woodstock before heading back. Back in Ingersoll we checked out the old CNR station which is really showing neglect. After a few quick errands we dropped off Gary and headed for home...George Dutka

The Ontario Southland Ry Woodstock turn slips by us at Beachville, Ont. Don is getting another shot as Gary looks on.
In a CPR siding at Woodstock, Ont. this backhoe is loaded in a gondola for work train service. Kind of a neat modeling setup.
The old Ingersoll, Ont. CNR station has seen better days. I am really surprised it is still standing. This is the roadside view.
The rail side of the station is in much better condition.


  1. Great shots of the old F units. It's incredible these things are being used in revenue service in 2015. OSR is an interesting road to shoot. Wish I was closer to that action.

  2. Really like this shot George

  3. Great shot George. I really like this one........

  4. I have to see the OSR soon! Those F units sure look nice.

    The same cannot be said for the Ingersoll station. That is shockingly bad. I'm surprised it hasn't been torched yet. :P

  5. Thanks guys...will report in again on the OSR when we do a return visit...will see if I can get Don to post a few of his views...George