Saturday, 23 May 2015

Railfanning the Don Janes

These shots were taken just as the train was leaving the Cami Plant. We barely got to this crossing in time for photos.

Following the OSR Woodstock Job

     On Wed. George and I swung around to Ingersol to pick up our friend and fellow CNR retiree Gary Pembleton.  Gary had just gone through bypass heart surgery a couple of weeks before and was ready to get out for some fresh air and train watching.  Gary has always been my local railfan guide as he knows all the back roads and good photo locations in this area.    We no sooner got Gary buckled into the car when he said the OSR was just leaving the CAMI plant so we headed out to catch him. We no sooner arrived at out first location when the train closed in at the crossing so we were able to get a couple of quick shots there.  After that we followed the train to Woodstock where he would set off loaded auto racks for the CPR and pick up empties to return for loading in Ingersol.  This was a great day to follow the train because on the point were two ex CNR/VIA FP9-A's. The OSR has all kinds of vintage power but to me this is the best locomotive lash-up to photograph pulling a freight train. We also took a peak at the old CNR Ingersol station which I am sad to say hasn't got much time left.  Enjoy the chase.
Here are a couple more shots taken a little further through the town of Ingersol.
This is a neat sign and a good spot to get a train shot, especially when the train has two ex CNR FP9-A's leading it.

The OSR train has arrived at the CPR yard at Woodstock and is making a set-off.
Here are a couple more shots of the old Ingersol station.  This roof would be a great detail to try to copy on a model structure.


  1. Great shots Don....hopefully another sunny day next time you are down and we head south for a photo safari

  2. Ah! Nostalgia! I miss this CNR-painted F-unit. It used to pull Tortillard du Saint-Laurent on Murray Bay Sub during 1995-1996. It was truly a magnificent train to watch from the trackside. Sad to see such a nice structure - Ingersol station - getting spoiled by time and element like this.