Monday, 25 May 2015

Snapshot - May 2015

 I caught up with NECR northbound at this neat looking overhead bridge North of  WRJ on Sept 27, 1996.
I followed this NECR northbound train out of White River Jct. back in the fall of 1996. I was able to catch the train at a few locations following the local roadways and before heading up to the freeway to get well ahead of the train. I barely got to this location in time to get the shot. There is a pull over location just under the freeway which is right behind me. A view from the freeway would even be better but it was not accessible on my visit even if I had the extra time. I have modeled a similar style bridge on my layout at a couple of places and really love the scenes. I think I might once again try this location for a photo opp on my next trip to Vermont ..George Dutka


  1. George, I too always liked this location. I have a scene on the layout dedicated to this spot. Is the farm on the left side of the bridge still there ? JOHN

  2. Hi John:
    Have not been to that location in years...not sure what is still standing or around...George