Sunday, 10 May 2015

Crosby Coal N Scale Diorama

Branchline Models N scale version of Crosby Coal set on the White River Division for a better photo backdrop.
Here we find a few views I took a couple of months ago of the finished Crosby Coal N scale diorama before I turned it over to Gary Pembleton...George Dutka

An overall view of the coal company. I added a lot of junk around the concrete footings. Boards, steel poles, some newspapers, old signs and weeds.
To apply the decal which is two part, white and black offset I did the following. I brushed some gloss on the wood, dry then apply the two decals and seal. I finished by brushing on some dulcote before beginning the weathering. The white lettering streaks are done with white PanPastels.
The trackside view of the coal company.
The telephone pole is an Osborn model kit. The wooden fence I scratch-built although one could use a Bar Mills fencing kit. The signs are all HO scale. Some small super trees pieces are also used.
The ladder leaning against the fence is by Osborn Models also. The coal is a mix of Sylvan coal and Highball black ballast. One gets a good view of the slate shingle colouring. the HO version comes with tar paper roofing.
The roadway is just Lake Huron beach sand. It actually looks pretty good for N scale. I just brushed some white glue on the Gatorfoam base smoothly and spread on the sand. Tip it over and the leftover comes off. Using 2mm static grass one can do the same thing. Brush on the glue, rub the grass between your fingers as you apply then use your vacuum cleaner to make it stand up more.

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