Thursday, 10 September 2015

Check out this Blog - The Old Main Line Subdivision

Jim's Friendly Friday's posts features some great layouts such as Kip Grant's D&H layout, (Aug 21, 2015 post) which has been featured on the two covers above. The bottom photo of Jim Dufour's layout was featured in Friendly Friday's May 1, 2015 post. He has a few other layouts one might want to visit on his blog.
I just added to my sidebar Jim Fawcett's blog The Old Main Line Subdivision. Jim has only been blogging since April, but has been doing a great job. He has just marked his 50th post, so he has been busy. I have been following this blog the last bit and it is turning out to be a good one. These two great views are found on Jim's blog...check it out for yourself, link below or on the sidebar...George Dutka

The Old Main Line Subdivision

MVP (MOST VIEWED POST): Jim Dufour's beautiful B&M Cheshire Branch takes top honors as the most popular post on Jim Fawcett's blog.


  1. George - Thanks for the promo... I was blown away when I saw this the other day... the WRD has immediately become a top source of traffic according to the stats!... thank you! - Jim