Thursday, 17 September 2015

No Parking

Throwback Thursday: Mind Those "No Parking" Signs!
Photo and Commentary by Peter Mumby

This little post only throws back as far as Sept 07, 1998, but illustrates for me the validity of my "take photos now and ask questions later" policy.  I have not seen another railway sign like this anywhere else, and this particular sign is long gone from this specific location.  Presumably CP (or StLH, as the sign implies) had received some complaints about parked idling locomotives in this vicinity, but I'm not sure that the notice was totally successful; CP5637 in the background was parked and idling at the time of the picture.  CP crews in London Ontario refer to this location as McCormick's.  It is at the end of McCormick Blvd, near the former McCormick's Candy factory.  At the time of the photo this was a sometime crew change point, so power was bound to be parked here on occasion.  Oh, well - some official must have thought they had stumbled onto a good plan!

Today this location is all fenced off, another urban site lost to the railfan photographer in the name of increased security.

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