Sunday, 20 September 2015

DCC on the White River Division

A NCE Power Cab controls the White River Division and has worked flawlessly so far.
As mentioned before I use NCE Power Cab for controlling my layout. Since the layout is not all that large this has worked fine over the past few years. With an extension into the next room a second controller is needed. I worked out a deal with Don for his 06 cab since he is now NCE wireless. Some long cable purchased from Doug's Trains here in town and a cab bus terminal for Bellows Falls, I hope I have all that I need to get trains rolling. I did a test fit to see if the power would be sufficient and it appears OK...will see when the track goes down...George Dutka

Here is what I need to operate into the next room from my power cab. I do have a longer cord for the power routing. This short one will give me another control location in the future on the opposite side of Westboro. Don was a great guy and gave me an extra controller holder back in the spring.

This is Don's controller that I purchase from him after the Collinsville show...he picked up the same unit but wireless at a hobby shop on the way home. It is good to use the same system as other modelers one hangs around with. That way you can pick their brains when problems arise.

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