Saturday, 5 September 2015

Jim Dufour's B&M Cheshire Layout - A Second Look

Here we have a close-up view of a front porch with lots of details added on the B&M Cheshire Branch
I was going through my photos from last winters trip to New England...thought I would share a few more views of Jim's layout. I also wanted to show you the home next door to Jim's. It caught my eye as a nice possibility for a model. As it was really cold out I only took a couple of shots which will be enough to work with...George Dutka

Jim does not have to go far for insperation when building homes for his layout. I have seen this style of home throughout New England, but this was one of the better looking ones.
The side view of the home next to Jim's.
I think Barry caught me in this video clip.
Bill Badger stopped this train for me to get a quick shot of the overall scene...I wonder if that ever happened on the prototype.
I really liked this scene and the view from the side of the overhead bridge looking down into Troy, NH.


  1. Great shots at one of my favorite layouts!

  2. Some nice photography there! It looks great and quite authentic.

    1. Thanks Chris...Jim has a great layout which makes it easier to come up with decent photographs...George

  3. For sure it is a great layout.Could you tell me George Where I might find a track plan of his layout?

    Thank you in advance,


    1. Hi Marc:
      Not sure if there is one...if I track one down I will post it...George