Friday, 4 September 2015

CN 40`Combination-door Boxcar

My version of the prototype built back in the 1980`s. I did add some weathering to my model since then.
CN sliding-plug combination Boxcar

When I pulled out my modern equipment I had forgot about this CN 40 foot boxcar I built decades ago. I had an article published in Canadian Railroad Modeller, T3T2 about building my model which I believe was an issue from the late 1980's or early 1990's. I thought I would give you a second look at it as there was only 15 cars in a large fleet of double door boxcars. Built in 1952, numbers 49500-495014 were used extensively for moving packaged lumber and plywood from Western Canada to Eastern USA and other Canadian markets. So this car would have been seen in New England. Able to hold 3900 cubic feet of cargo, they had a 14 foot door opening for extra large pieces. This was accomplished using an 8 foot plug door in combination with a 6 foot sliding door.

Interchange service
Built 1952.....15 cars
  Oct 1982.....15 cars
  Jan 1988......4 cars
  Oct 1988.....1 car
         1990.....0 cars

The Model
I used a Front Range #4090 double door model for this project. The car has full length ladders, steel roof walks, diagonal panel roofing, 10'6" inside heights and riveted side panels. I used the car ends as is as they look similar, but now days there are options for the proper ends.  I replaced the stirrup's with A-Line #29002 below the ladder, Grant Line #5130 stirrup's below the grabs, Detail Associates SX2202 grab irons, Kadee No. 5 couplers and #438 air hoses. All the other parts used are included in the kit. If I was building this kit today the brake wheel, roof walk and wheels would be replaced with better options.

I bent .015 piano wire operating levers and bleed rods. The boxcar was painted Floquil boxcar red and CDS CN dry transfer #215 are applied using my photos. I did add additional  decal data as seen on the prototype car. This car gives my CN fleet a bit of a different look...George Dutka

CN reclamation yard. London, Ont. Oct. 1988.

At the reclamation yard awaiting its turn with the torch. London, Ont. Oct. 1988.

CN London East yard waiting to go to the reclamation yard back in the 1980`s.

The fleet was small enough you could actually built all 15...something you can not say about other CN series.