Monday, 18 April 2016

Modeling the Bellows Falls Tunnel

Don Jane was over last Wednesday and when we discussed the tunnel scene he mentioned thinking there was enough room for the roadway alongside it. It was something to think about. On Friday I got an e-mail from Bill Gill basically stating the same thing but with a photo shop image he though would work. It sure looks good and I might just give it a go once construction resumes. Here are Bill's comments and photo....George Dutka

Bill did a mock up of what he thought might fit...I think it looks great.
 "Your existing fascia is the black area below the thin horizontal gray line on the left and it would be extended upward, as shown, to match the angle of the new half road. The street and building above that at the top of the slope would be a photo, expanding the apparent depth of the scene.  Cheers, Bill Gill"

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  1. You're very fortunate to be surrounded by some fine modelers!!!... I could use a few up here. for a compact scene, it looks very effective JOHN