Friday, 8 April 2016

London and District Layout Tour 2016

Gary Crowther`s 27` by 35` Layout on Display
This year`s layout tour will be held on April 23rd here in London and will included 21 area layouts. The White River Division will be open for the first time. In the past the layout tour has been during my time at the lake so it just did not work for me. This commitment motivated me to get things cleaned up including repainting the layout room`s concrete floor. It needed painting since the layout was built. Tour guides can be picked up at Broughdale Hobby Shop, 1444 Glenora Drive.

On Wednesday Peter Mumby and I visited an open house put on by Gary Crowther. Gary`s layout will be also open for the layout are a few photos I took with my pocket camera...George Dutka

Gary has a nice fleet of weathered equipment.

A larger industry with boxcars spotted on the peninsula.

A CP train rolls by one of the larger industries on the layout.
Gary`s home road is the Kettle Creek Ry. which has been lettered on these trailers.

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