Thursday, 21 April 2016

Feed Mill in HO Scale

The siding is cedar cigar wraps.
Viewing Matthieu Lachance's recent efforts shingling the sides of his Montmorency Falls station (seen on his blog ) reminded me of the photos I took of a mill displayed at this years Copetown Show. The shingled siding was also painstakingly applied using cut cigar cedar warps one at a time. I remember Dave Frary mentioning this as a method he used years ago in one of his books. This mill has used various siding and roofing types making for a very interesting model...a tip of the hat to both modelers...George Dutka

This structure makes use of various types of modeling material including stone, metal and wood.

Overhead view and back wall...sorry about the quality as I was taking these hand held with my pocket camera.


  1. Wow! That's some very nice work!

    1. Hi Chris:
      Yes I was really looks a lot better in person. Too bad I don't recall his name so I can give him proper credit...George