Monday, 25 April 2016

Railfanning the OSR

One can tell the OSR is a railfan's railroad. A gang gathered at the Woodstock, Ont. CP station to photo or watch the train complete its switching.
Yesterday Don Janes and I headed over to Woodstock for the train show. We made it fast as the sun came out and we heard the OSR are in town. Sure enough when we arrived at the CP station the OSR had already arrived and was busy switching. We took our shots then headed over to the diamond to catch the train leaving. The train moved along well limiting our chances for shots along the way. We once again caught up with the train at the wye at Cami. There they put most of their train away then headed back down town. By that time the clouds filled in and we called it a day...George Dutka

OSR 1620 - 6508 cross the CNR Dundas Sub. mainline as it heads out of Woodstock, Ont. While waiting for the train we spoke to two railfans from Buffalo. They both are CSXT engineman with a few good stories to tell. They actually filled us in on the action and operations around the Albany area that Peter and I just came back from.

Not far out of Woodstock the OSR is chugging along.

Don and I stopped at a crossing he had used before for photos. I took advantage of the missing sign at this location.

The OSR is easy to follow from Woodstock to Ingersoll with the roadway right beside the ROW.

I got this shot with the Ingersoll, Ont. sign at my back.

The OSR complete their switching at the wye at the Cami auto plant.

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