Saturday, 23 April 2016

Snapshot - April 2016

The lead unit on this day is the ex-Rutland 405 handling a transfer run for the Green Mountain Ry. The train had just exited the south end of the Bellows Falls, Vermont tunnel.
This Month's snapshot follows my interest of modeling the Bellows Falls tunnel. I took this photo of the Green Mountain heading south with a cut of cars to be placed in a siding. It was a nice sunny morning during my April visit 17 years ago (April 30, 1999). I am thinking my next tunnel view at Bellows Falls was taken on this years trip in March with Peter of the Vermonter...George Dutka

One always needs to take a photo of the train before it enters the tunnel. I then rushed back to the spot I marked for the top photo on April, 30, 1999. Both photos are scans of prints I have from that trip to Vermont. I am thinking I was here to attend a Rutland Ry Historical Convention somewhere in Vermont.

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