Friday, 15 April 2016

Rolling into Town - Bellows Falls on the White River Division

B&M E-7 heads into Bellows Falls with the afternoon passenger train. The scene is not quite finished yet but good enough to share with you.
I put a push on to get the hole in the wall covered before next weekends layout tour. I just played around with my plaster castings and some of the Mt. Albert sheeting that was give-aways at this years Expo. I could not squeeze in the roadway leading up next to the tunnel so I just added it across the entrance. The tunnel only took about an hour to build once I figured it out, but twice as long to paint and weather...had a bit of work to do on the stonework getting a dirty look that is not overdone.

Don Janes just home from Arizona was over Wednesday to check out the Bellows Falls scene and we concluded that an addition into the layout behind the red structure should be added as on the tunnel only has to be two sides but taller, maybe with brick walls. Don has some cast plaster walls that he thinks might work. For now I think it reflects the prototype pretty good for a tiny space...George Dutka

I added a crossing across the tracks near the entrance to the tunnel as on the prototype. I just did not have the room to curve it around and up the hill into town.
A test fit for the basic structure.

The portal is painted and the roadway is roughed in.

At the crossing a small brick building is seen in the background. This was built by Don Janes and given to me last year. Don has offered to give me some brick wall casting to build out the back of the buildings behind the tree such as on the prototype.
I added some extra stone wall made from s Sterling Models stacked flagstone rubber mold. I cut the casting when still soft into the sizes I needed.

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