Sunday, 10 April 2016

Modeling the Bellows Falls Tunnel

This is the scene I originally thought I would model. It is very impressive but will take a lot of space which I don't have available. Peter and I were in Bellows Falls long enough to catch the NB Vermonter on March 30, 2016.
One of the stops Peter and I made during our trek through New England was at Bellows Falls. I wanted to take some detailed views of the tunnel from both ends. I originally wanted to model the north side view but once getting an up close look I realized the size and row of buildings along the side would not work in the tiny area I have available. We then took a closer look at the south side. The lines are quite simple with not a lot of details and could work in covering the hole through the wall without imposing into the frt. house scene....will have to see how this all turns out...George Dutka

The south end of the tunnel is a more realistic approach to hiding the hole in the wall.

I remember seeing the wood above the portal a light blue in the 1980's. Not sure what colour it was in the 1950's but the weathered look that it currently wears will work great for me.
I am using what I have available and think I can come up with something that will emulate the prototype. It does not have to be exact just something that resembles what stands. Here is an early view of what I am working with at the moment...will see were it takes me.

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