Sunday, 18 September 2016

A Visit to Waterville, Maine

Two PanAm geeps work the Saturday yard job pulling a cut of cars out beyond the yard area.
Last Saturday Don and I decided to head up to Waterville, Maine to check out the yard, shops and engine facilities of the old MEC. As it turned out most was not accessible to us, which was no surprise. The yard lead does stretches out of the yard leaving us some options to photograph the yard work. We also got a good view from a playground used by a local daycare...lucky it was a Saturday or we would have been in trouble there also...was nice to see the MEC heritage unit up close working the yard...George Dutka

Two vintage way to travel in one photo. This is the crossing in the yard near the offices.

Guilford boxcars that seem to be well painted.
Was neat to find a MEC geep working the old MEC yard and on a sunny day to boot. Sept. 10, 2016
Don and I found this impressive bridge that crosses the river in Waterville with mills in the background. There is a dam on the right side of the photo which gave us some other interesting photo options...if only there was a train.

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