Sunday, 18 September 2016

Snapshot - September 2016

A short PanAm train is set to go to Portsmouth, NH on Sept 6 2016.
Rockingham Jct.
After visiting layouts in Exeter and Greenland, NH  Don and I visited Rockingham Jct. NH during our trip to Maine. Thanks to Dan Raymond for guiding us to this location a short distance away. This day was one full of rain and overcast sky's thanks to hurricane Hermine. At Rockingham Jct.a PanAm train is awaiting a crew to continue on...possibly Portsmouth, NH. The train is sitting on this branch line just off the corridor main line running north and south. Not many options for a good photo as it was later in the day and very overcast. The rain had stopped which was a blessing as we still had a long drive ahead. For my photo I just decided to crop out the whole sky and surrounding area with the wooden overhead bridge we stood on for the photo...this is what I came up with....George

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  1. Glad I could help! To bad Rockingham Jct. is a small shadow of its former self. Raymo