Sunday, 25 September 2016

White River Division - Construction Photo's

A B&M milk train heads over the causeway, one of the first scenes to be finished and the first to be removed from service on the White River Division. A Rutland Ry. train is seen in the background near the summit future scene.
I scanned some older views from when I was still constructing the White River Division. Have a look at how some area's came together...George Dutka

The Northfield Falls scene is coming together. I have a photocopy of the covered bridge in place. The farm scene is almost done. Note the barn mock-up that was set in place for about a year. Once I built the model it was too big and a smaller version was built. The larger barn was converted into the Fairlee freight house.

A CV RS-3 heads out of hidden staging on the CV lead. I began with cardboard forming the hillsides. The scratchbuilt A frame bridge is from a past layout which was used to hide a hole in the wall were a wye tail was extended. The prototype is from a local CN bridge west of London, Ont.
This is the area heading to Bellows Falls and also near the area of the old duck-under. The B&M style milk platform is set on Gatorfoam which will be later set into the area marked out by stripwood.

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