Thursday, 8 September 2016

West Shore Line's - NYC Covered Hopper

An overhead view of a West Shore Line kit. Rich did a fine job with this one.
Back this spring I purchased a nice looking kit that was built. No paint, lettering or coupler's but all else was done (the hard stuff). If you remember back a few decades, Central Hobbies Supplies in Syracuse, NY had a line of prototype kits. I never purchase any at the time, but it is sure nice to finally have one and built to boot. The gentleman that sold me the car mentioned it was built by the late Richard Chrysler. The rest of the story is unclear but he got the car and never painted it and now it's finished. Nice to have something Richard had done such a fine job building

This West Shore Line kit is a replica of a 1946 Dispatch Shops (Rochester) built class LO 70-ton covered hopper.
 What I Did
 The car got a coat of Floquil SP lettering gray followed by a coat of gloss. Trucks are painted black. The decals are really nice and went on easily. The lettering diagram with the kit helped a lot. After a coat of flat finish I used a few of the light gray Bragdon powders and Pan Pastels. The trucks are hit with rust and grime...George Dutka

This is what came in the box.
The finished model on top of the box.
Ready for service this fall on the White River Division.

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