Thursday, 15 September 2016

National Narrow Gauge Convention 2016

This was on our bus trip up to the SR&RL in Philips, Maine. The museum set up a railfan type of events. Unfortunately they did not figure out that they needed to control the two bus loads of narrow gauge fans. On this occasion they were scattered everywhere during the freight run-by. I just stood well back and took in the scene and the crowd. As one can also see there was too much shade for a good shot and once into the sun, one was shooting right into it.
Don Janes and I returned on Monday from a nice week in Maine. We took in this years NNGC in Augusta, Maine. We could not fit it all in but did take in all the 2 foot railfan events. We also got up as far as Waterville, Maine to check out the standard gauge and a few layouts to boot. More to follow...George Dutka

An On30 Maine layout which I think was brought over from England.

Don railfanning the layouts. Don will be covering some of his favorites.

At Waterville, Maine Don and I took in the MEC heritage unit switching a southbound train.


  1. Franklin was flown in from the UK.

  2. It was a great event! Nice pictures. The Franklin module was indeed brought over from England. I spent a few enjoyable hours operating it.
    Could you please change your text to something dark, almost impossible to read it. White letters on a light background is pretty hard on my old eyes.

  3. Hi John: To get away from white I would have to change the layout and tone of the blog...might look at bigger lettering first...I have a 17" screen so all looks well...guess phones and tablets could be an issue...good to hear from you and thanks verifying the Franklin module...George