Saturday, 17 September 2016

Swanton, Vermont Mill

The mill in Swanton, Vermont along the CV back in 1986. This building has since been removed.
Peter Mumby passed along a group of New England slide mainly buildings and bridges a few years ago. I finally got around to scanning these views. These views document the mill that once stood in Swanton and was serviced by the Central Vermont...George Dutka


  1. George I just finished building this structure with two photos that I had, could have really used these photos. thanks for posting the various angles. John

  2. Hi John sorry it took me so long to get them posted...George

  3. Hi George
    Enjoyed today's Swanton mill pics! BTW, when viewed with my iphone, the daily comment text shows in WHITE on a very light GREY background. Odd. Pretty tough to read... Ok if you choose to view the Desktop version on the iphone though, then the bacgroun is a dark grey. Great pics!

  4. Hi Eric:
    Thanks for the iphone update...will look into what I can do about the colouring at some point...planning at looking at my blog through my kids phones when they drop by...George

  5. I'm following in the Whiteriverdivision footsteps slightly, having just also visited Gravenhurst. Upcoming post on Trackside Treasure. Had a nice chat with Peter at the Picton train show and he gave me some great news - a London Reclamation Yard post(s?) is getting closer!

    Keep up the great work,
    Eric Gagnon
    Kingston, ON

  6. Hi Eric: I have scanned and sent Peter the sometime soon he should have a post ready...George