Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Bellows Crossing

The station is ready to be installed at Bellows Crossing, Vermont once again.
Updating Bellows Crossing on the White River Division

Yesterday I finally got the Bellows Crossing area of the layout completed. I have been working a couple of hours a day on scenery....moving along scene by scene. The layout room is a total mess...I can hardly walk through but a few more weeks and all will be back to normal...I hope. I began with the easy areas. The Bellows Crossing area fits somewhere in the middle. I had already rebuilt one of the shanty's as seen in a previous post. Last week I updated the station and built a new cobblestone base for it to rest on. Actually it is a lift out base so I can switch out stations. My Fairlee B&M frt. house will fit into this location also...and I though it looked really good when placed there. I also pulled out a kit I purchased of the CV Amherst station...to my surprise the station platform is a perfect fit to my bases...it was hard to believe no trimming is required. There are still more changes that will eventually happen in Bellows Crossing such as a South River Kit once built and a elevated crossing shanty which needs painting. Now off for some Christmas fun...see you after the holidays....George Dutka

The station got a little freshening up. I touched up some of the paint chipped areas. The walls and roof got a coat of Bragdon powders.
The station area was cut out and squared. Basswood trim is then  installed. One can see the old main line switch has been removed and the trackage needs some ballasting.
The station is added to the drop in base made from two sheets of RailroadKITS cobblestone roadway.
The station diorama is test fitted into the drop in location. All is well. Yesterday I finished the scenery in Bellows Crossing...more photos to follow.

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