Sunday, 29 December 2013

Snapshot - December 2013

A westbound nears Chester, Mass. on an early Saturday morning. There are lots of spots to pull over and catch a train along this portion of the old B&A line.

A good area to catch trains along the old B&A in Massachusetts is the roadway heading east from Chester, Mass. to the Mass turnpike. One can sit at the depot or coal tower in Chester, hike into one of the nice stone arch bridges which are on public trails or as we did just drive along the roadway following the tracks till one meets a train. Don and I saw the crossing gates go down on a side road ahead of us so we pulled over. A westbound was approaching, and at a good speed. We were able to catch a trio of CSXT engines hauling a good size train. This was the second train we saw after leaving Pittsfield, Mass. during a Saturday morning drive....George Dutka

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