Monday, 2 December 2013

Expo 2013 Layout Tour No. 1


South River & Millville Ry
The South River & Millville Ry. is housed in the up stair portion of  Bob Van Gelder's South River Modelworks shop. It measures approximately 25ft by 29ft. The layout was started about 2000 as a single track running through numerous New England mill towns,...which are based on Bobs many mill kits. South River Modelworks has as of 2013 produced 26 kits with most of them found somewhere on the layout. The operating system is DCC. Bob's layout is far from being complete. What we saw was very impressive. The mill kits are extremely well detailed and the track work and scenery is very well done. I took so many photos of great scenes on the layout I am not sure what to show you. Bob's work is that of an artist....enjoy...George Dutka.

An overall view of the layout near the entrance way to the upper level of South River Modelworks shop.
The motive power found on the SR&M Ry.
Don is seen getting his shots at the far end of the layout on the peninsula. Many of the South River modules are set in areas that display them best. The main line is seen in place in the foreground.
The lenticular truss bridge scene is found near the entrance way to the layout.
The details around the buildings are amazing.
I really liked the look of this truck with its rear tarp pulled aside revealing the interior load.
The Cambridge station is a reflection of the real station still standing in Cambridge NY. on what was once a  D&H branch line.
An overview of the second peninsula. Many of the mills are permanently set in place.
One can see track work is still in the works. About a third of the layout is hand laid while other areas are code 70 flex track.

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  1. I like the mill, I hope they put it on Youtube when it's finished I would love to see it up and running.