Tuesday, 17 December 2013

White River Division - Westboro

My structure footprints are first drawn up from my notes. I am also building the B&M yard office for WRJ so a photo and drawing is also seen on the sheet.

Westboro - What's in the works!
I have been working on the placement of my Westboro structures before the scenery shell is put in place. I took my site measurements and did a footprint drawing to help visualise the scene. Once I was happy with how it looks I began building forms for my drop in dioramas. These are made from stripwood and the bases are built from Gatorfoam. I currently have the sand house built and ready to install. The others...station, section house and garage scene are still in the works...the photos tell the current story....George Dutka

The Gatorfoam bases are set in place with the footprints set on top. The sand house opening is seen in the top centre. The Full Steam Ahead garage is placed on its base for visual checking. There will be a second building, a shed on this base with a load of details.
Yesterday was plaster day. Westboro is now all hardshell. The foreground of WRJ yard seen in the background is also seen with a coating of Woodland Scenics plaster cloth. The track is all operational. Now I can get at the scenery and ballasting.

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