Monday, 9 December 2013

Expo 2013 Layout Tour No. 2

One of the mills found on the SNE.
Jason Fontaine's Southern New England RR

Don Janes and I began our Sunday layout tour at Jason's home in Charlton, Massachusetts. Since we arrived early we had Jason's full attention. We toured his workshop which was one of the largest and well organised I have seen, followed by his explanation of how he removed his layouts back wall making the layout about twice the size. Jason moved his great looking city-mill scene to the new room filling one of the three available walls. Jason has used Backdrop Junction wall murals on many of his walls which adds greatly to the various scenes. On our way out Jason's wife Pam gave us a tour of the best looking garage I have ever seen...they house two Harley's in there and keep it heated at about 50 degrees during the cool weather. The two of them do everything together and are great hosts. If you want to see more of the Southern New England RR check out the July 2010 issue of Model Railroader...George Dutka

As one enters Jason's layout you find the engine scene. What I really enjoyed was the burned out portion. I would think that is harder to model than a typical structure.
An overall view of the engine house shops.
This scene is very impressive. It looks real. Jason did a great job on his structures and blending them into the backdrop.
One the newer engines added to the SNE fleet. The train was operating a little to fast for a still but kind of neat to see the action.
Jason explains to Don Janes how the access hatch works. Looks simple to us...just flip the switch, but it took some engineering for Jason to come up with this neat addition to the layout. Now he can get back to the scenery in this area without breaking his back.
Another of the mill scenes found on the SNE. Massachusetts if peppered with such scenes which helps in researching the prototype.

Here is a full page ad from the Dec 2007 MR that I found which features the SNE. What an impressive photo.  It is the same issue singer Rod Stewart's layout was featured on the cover. Courtesy of Peter Mumby's collection.

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