Sunday, 1 December 2013

South RIver Modelworks

An overall view of South River Modelworks workshop including 5 past kit diorama's.
Following this years Expo Don and I visited three layout on Sunday. One was the home of South River Modelworks. To begin the tour lets look at some of the views I found interesting inside South River's shop...George Dutka

This barn is the home of South River Modelworks. The shop is on the main floor while the whole second floor is the layout. The barn also has a lower level that I am not sure of the use. Bob should be looking at doing a kit of his own barn and home.
The work area of South River Modelworks is packed full of tools used in model building and the view is great out the window for break time.
The melting pot on our visit had more unused casting to be melted down than any of the kits I have ever purchased.
Bob's current offering is seen in two mock ups on his work bench with various extra sides.
Bob's home out front of the South River Modelworks shop could easily become a kit at some point along with his barn.

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  1. whoa, that looks awesome I like his workshop! thanks for sharing photos of your trip