Saturday, 14 December 2013

Updating my B&M Shanty

A new roof has been added plus a new overhang over the door. The old roof is seen in the foreground.
 Last night while watching Junior A's hockey (our team is the London Knights) I decided to do a mini update to a shanty I had retired from the layout a few years ago. I did not build it but repainted it to reflect B&M colours. I added new windows and blinds at that time. I never was truly happy with the always seemed to look like a D&RGW structure. The reason for the update...the structure currently at the Bellows Crossing diamond is moving into the WRJ yard.

This was a really quick update. I began working on the model during the pregame show (I am in the basement so had to watch the time for when the game started).  Removing the roofing and adding a new styrene roof went quick. I added some trim under the eves to clean up the joint. I also built a overhang above the front door. The undersides of both roofing and the top of the door overhang was painted black. I then touched up the paint were needed, antique white with a touch of grime for the walls and tuscan red for the trim, windows and doors. This took the whole 30 minutes of the pre-game show. At the end of the first period I weathered the walls and small door overhang with Bragdon powders. The walls lime white followed by dust bowl brown. The bottom brown areas got a coating of dark rail brown. I always start with the area that gets the darkest weathering first, so the lower areas are competed first. The door overhang got some dark rust and soot. I then worked on the roofing. I used light gray stick on shingles by MinuteMan Scale Models. I got one side of the roof done when the second period started. At the next intermission I finished the shingling and attached the chimney. I gave the roof a light dusting of weathering. The third period had just started so away I went happy to have completed the update. Grand Total time of 50 minutes over three trips to the basement. Oh by the way the Knights won....George Dutka.

My finished updated shanty is seen placed on my notes which becomes my memory when doing my posts or figuring what colours and weathering affects I once used. It's great to be getting old.

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  1. I like how it turned went from blah to great