Sunday, 8 December 2013

Garage Update

My garage has just got a mini upgrade...mainly powdered weathering with a few touches of paint here and there.
Yesterday I gave my garage a bit of an update. I plan on reusing it on the rebuilt White River Division. Marty McGuirk posted a view of the "Welcome to Bellows Falls" sign on his Central Vermont Railway blog. I reduced a print I made of it by about 60% on a colour photocopier and add it to the side of my garage with a bit of Walthers Goo. The photo was taken on an angle so some trimming was required to square it up a bit. Since I plan on adding Bellows Falls to my layout at a later date I though the sign would fit in well. The garage is currently just outside of Bellows Crossing on my layout, so it is actually close.

The structure was built out of styrene and over the years got a little scuffed including a few paint chips. I decided to tough up the roof scuffs and chips with Floquil Brunswick Green (which is almost black) dabbed on lightly. The roof then got a coat of Bragdon powders. I began with a Bragdon colour I did not have before (I picked it up at the Expo. I now have all 16 shades), dark rail brown followed by soot. I thought it turned out well. For the walls I have been using powders that are close to the wall colour. The walls where originally painted Floquil old concrete. I used Bragdon dust bowl brown, to begin then highlighted the windows and trim with weathered brown. I used this same colour to add a bit more weathering to the walls. The latches and hinges on the front door got a touch of Bragdon medium my garage is set for a few more years of use....George Dutka

The garage has just had the new signage added to one wall. It now needs some weathering and paint touch-ups.
The garage is about finished. I still have a few dabs of paint to appy under the eves followed by a touch of powder.
I gave the sign a good dose of weathering also to blend it all in.

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